Community Development

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New!  Update on Housing Element Preparation!

The City is updating its Housing Element to get involved check out the Housing Element webpage.  The City hosted a community meeting in February and will host another meeting in June to discuss a draft plan. (Updated 03/23)

New! CDD Annual Report for 2020

The CDD Annual report is now complete.  In March 2020, “business as-usual” came to an end. The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting shutdown severely altered how the Community Enhancement Division conducted business. Staff began immediately to review all planning and building applications online and issued permits remotely. In addition, the City took the following responses:

  • Granted a one-year, no cost entitlement extension.
  • Relaxed rules related to banners and waived the associated fees.  Developed a process to expedite review of outdoor business applications and waived the fees. 
  • Modified the “business by vehicle” requirements to ease rules related to delivery businesses.
  • Instituted a business license deferral and amnesty program.
  • Created an online portal for customers to book appointments.  

The CDD Annual report includes graphs showing construction activity, planning applications submitted, revenue collected, community preservation cases opened, and Planning Commission activity over the last seven years.  (Updated 03/23)