Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan
To promote government accountability and transparency, the City engages in strategic planning efforts and monitors progress of ongoing projects and programs. Make TC Happen is the City's initiative to work with the community toward allocating resources to develop responsive programs and services.

Dialogue with residents and businesses have identified six key priorities:

Citizen Education & Communication
Integrate best practices and multimedia tools into daily government operations to promote government transparency, and support the development of an informed, involved, inclusive and engaged community. 

Economic Development
Foster a prosperous local economy by encouraging a diverse business mix and investing in neighborhoods. Maintain a safe, appealing, accessible environment for businesses, residents and patrons alike. 

Public Health & Safety
Develop proactive strategies for crime prevention and emergency preparedness. Provide law enforcement protection and encourage community involvement in public safety. Plan and maintain infrastructure that supports the community's physical and environmental health and wellbeing. 

Quality of Life
Promote arts, cultural, educational and civic opportunities that meet the diverse needs of Temple City's multicultural, multigenerational community. Instill pride in neighborhoods by encouraging upkeep in residential and commercial areas for safe, clean, healthy and properly regulated environments in which to live and work. 

Sustainable Infrastructure
Focus planning efforts and invest adequate resources to develop a safe, accessible infrastructure network. Encourage "green" initiatives, standards and best practices to advance conservation of natural resources, alternative transportation options and other sustainable features. 

Good Governance
Institute best practices to promote accountability, efficiency and innovation in all aspects of City Hall governance including the management of financial, human, physical and technology resources. Apply short-term and long-term analyses to inform vision exercises and planning efforts. Ensure regulatory and policy compliance to minimize and mitigate risk. Provide communication tools to encourage public involvement. 

Priorities are used to help guide and inform allocation of resources toward achieving community goals.

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