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TC Sister City Association Hosting Trip to Australia 

Trip planned for June; meeting for interested adults scheduled for Oct. 26.

TEMPLE CITY, CA (Sept. 22, 2017)The Temple City Sister City Association is planning an adult ambassador excursion to its sister city of Hawkesbury, Australia, departing the week of June 11, 2018 as part of the organization’s visitor exchange program. The group will hold an informational meeting for the trip on Oct. 26, 7 p.m. in the City Hall Community Room, 9701 Las Tunas Dr.

Sister City exchange programs provide opportunities for citizens of foreign countries to experience each other’s cultures by staying with a host family rather than at a hotel. “By removing barriers between visitors and local residents, sister cities foster understanding and an affirmation of one people's goodwill toward another,” Temple City Mayor Cynthia Sternquist said in support of the program.

The Temple City-Hawkesbury connection was made in 1984 and since then both cities have exchanged six high school sophomores roughly twice a year. The association has also organized adult ambassador trips—such as the one planned for June—every two years.

Hawkesbury lies in the inland province of New South Wales, about 50 miles northwest of Sydney. There, the Hawkesbury Sister City Association arranges for visiting adults to stay with a host family and organizes activities such as overnight trips to Sydney, Canberra, the Taronga Zoo and beach communities.

While the tourism opportunities are plentiful, Sister City Vice President Nancy Terry said, “the biggest thing travelers get out of the program are the lifelong friends they gain. Hawkesbury is similar in population to Temple City and the folks there really go out of their way for us when we visit.”

The Hawkesbury trip will last 16 days. Travel dates, costs and other specifics will be discussed at the Oct. 26 meeting. 

Membership in the association is required to participate in the ambassador program ($10 individual/$15 family per year). Membership does not commit one to host visitors, but members can do so if they wish.

For more information, contact Steve or Nancy Terry at (626) 285-7995.

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