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Temple City Joins Clean Power Alliance

City’s participation in the alliance will allow for more renewable energy at competitive rates

TEMPLE CITY, CA (Nov. 7, 2018)—Temple Citians in search of more renewable energy will soon have the option of receiving electricity from a new locally controlled provider.

In December 2017, Temple City’s City Council unanimously voted to join the Clean Power Alliance, or CPA, a collaborative of 31 partnering cities in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. 

Since launching service to its first accounts in February 2018, CPA has grown to provide electricity to nearly 3 million people across Southern California. In addition to Temple City, other San Gabriel Valley cities partnering with the alliance include Arcadia, Alhambra, Sierra Madre and South Pasadena. 

The premise is simple: CPA will purchase cleaner, more competitively priced energy but deliver it to communities using existing lines and wires owned by Southern California Edison, or SCE. 

Meanwhile SCE, which currently provides electricity to all Temple City households and businesses, will maintain its electrical delivery systems. The company will also continue to meter customers’ use of electricity and generate and distribute regular invoices. 

Through the city’s CPA membership, Temple City residents and businesses will have access to three tiers of renewable energy. The default option selected by the City Council, Lean Power, offers 36 percent renewable energy at a cost estimated to be 1 to 2 percent cheaper than SCE’s standard base tier, which most Temple Citians are currently enrolled in. 

Residents and businesses can also select from two additional tiers of cleaner energy through CPA: Clean Power, which offers 50 percent renewable energy at about the same cost as SCE’s base tier, and Green Power, which offers 100 percent renewable energy at a cost up to 9 percent more expensive than SCE’s base tier. 

CPA will begin providing energy to Temple Citians in February 2019 for residential accounts and May 2019 for business accounts. 

Sixty days prior to receiving service, all Temple City residents and businesses will be mailed notices asking if they want to retain SCE’s services or upgrade from the default Lean Power to either CPA’s Clean Power or Green Power tiers. If they do not choose to adjust their preferences, they will be automatically enrolled in CPA’s Lean Power tier.

Each mailed notice will include detailed instructions for making these adjustments, as well as contact information for CPA’s customer support team. 

For more information, visit or call (888) 585-3788.

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