Electronic Plan Check

Temple City is pleased to offer electronic plan check as an optional service for our customers. Electronic plan check allows all plan review, commenting, markup, and corrections to occur electronically. This saves time, paper, and trips to City Hall. There is no additional charge to use electronic plan check.

Please read all information on this page, including the linked documents below, before submitting your plans online.

Prior to submitting your plans online, the following must be completed:

  1. Plans must be approved by Planning
  2. A plan check application must be submitted to Building
  3. Plan check fees must be paid in full

Please read all of the following documents before submitting your plans online:

Please note that electronic plan check utilizes e-PlanSoft cloud-based software. In order to use electronic plan check, you will be required to create a free e-PlanSoft account.

Go to electronic plan check portal