Apply Online

Temple City is pleased to offer a way of submitting your planning application and plans online. This service allows all plan review, commenting, markup, and corrections to occur electronically. This saves time, paper, and trips to City Hall. There is no additional charge to use electronic plan check.

Please read all information on this page, including the linked documents below, before submitting your plans online.

Steps to Submit:

1. Check with a planner on the type of application to submit, what additional materials need to be submitted (such as plans or studies), and the fees.  Contact a planner at or (626) 656-7316. A list of applications can be found here.  To make sure your plans are complete and your application is not delayed, review this checklist

2. Submit online by visiting the planning submittal portals.  

  • If the fees are less than $2,000, you can pay the fees online and use this portal.  
  • If the fees are more than $2,000, you can submit your plans online at this portal and mail your payment to the City.  Our address is:

Temple City, City Hall
c/o Online Planning Submittal
9701 Las Tunas Drive
Temple City, CA 91780

3. Verify you submitted by forwarding the confirmation e-mail you received from to  If you also paid online, forward the e-mail you received from PayPal.  

Next steps:

  1. The planners will open a case and assign your application a file number.  If a check was mailed, this step will be taken after the check has been received.
  2. Within a week your application will be assigned a case planner.  You can view your application status here.
  3. Within 30 days you will receive a letter or email from the planning staff letting you know if the application was complete or incomplete and providing any corrections or comments.