Housing Element

The City’s Housing Plan is a required chapter or “element” of the City’s long range General Plan. The Housing Plan addresses how the City can meet its share of the region’s housing need. It does this by creating programs and policies to preserve, improve, and develop housing for all income levels. Every eight years, a City must update its Housing Plan with new policies and strategies that effect how land is used and developed. The Housing Plan can determine the shape, the pattern, and the density of housing development within a community as well as housing programs. Temple City is now entering another cycle of the Housing Element update and is reaching out to you for input on future housing policy.


Housing Element Fact Sheet


Adopted Housing Element


EIR Addendum for Housing Element (Adopted)



Community Meeting #1:  

02-24-2021:  The City hosted a community meeting to inform community members about the Housing Element, answer questions, and receive comments.  Below are links to some related documents.

PowerPoint Presentation

Video recording of community meeting


City Council/Planning Commission Study Session:

07-20-2021:  The City hosted a public meeting to inform the City Council and the Planning Commission about the Draft Housing Element. Below are the links for the meeting materials.

PowerPoint Presentation

Staff Report

Meeting Notes

Community Meeting #2:

08-03-2021:  The City hosted a second community meeting seeking public comments for the draft Housing Element. Public comments period will end on Monday, August 9, 2021. Below is the link for the meeting material.

Powerpoint Presentation

Community Survey:

In March of 2022, the City conducted a survey regarding housing and experience with fair housing and discrimination. Over 400 flyers were handed out at local grocery and convenience stores and delivered to large daycare centers; billboard messages were displayed on the most traveled street (Rosemead Boulevard); messages were broadcasted on the local cable channel; and the City’s online outlets (e.g., social media accounts) were also used to expand the coverage for public participation. click here for the survey result.


Planning Commission Meeting:

09-13-2022:  The Planning Commission will review the Draft Housing Element and make a recommendation to the City Council.

10-18-2022: The City Council considered and adopted the Draft Housing Element

Power Point Presentation


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Additional Documents and Websites:

Existing Housing Element - 2014 to 2021

Temple City's Draft Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) Allocation

State Housing and Community Development Department Website