Arbor Day

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Arbor Day is an annual celebration of trees and their importance to our community and the world! Across the State, communities honor trees. National Arbor Day is the last Friday of April and to celebrate we host a workshop for youth in the Community Center at Live Oak Park located at 10144 Bogue Street.  Activities include Arbor education, arts and crafts, and a tree planting demonstration. 

 Congratulations 2023 Arbor Day Art Contest Winners!

Shreya Sriram 17

Shreya Sriram - 1st Place (Teen Category)
Age 17
Temple City High School

Smiraa Sriram 13Smiraa Sriram - 2nd Place (Teen Category)
Age: 13
School: Oak Avenue Middle School

Feliana Shih 9Feliana Shih - 1St Place (Young Category)
Age: 9
School: Emperor Elementary

Louisiana Zhou 7Louisiana Zhou - 2nd Place (Young Category)
Age: 7
School: Emperor Elementary

Augustine Mendoza 4Augustine Mendoza - 3rd Place (Young Category)
Age: 4

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Celebrate Arbor Day in Your Own Way