Temple City and Live Oak Park Playgrounds

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New Playgrounds Coming Soon!

Live Oak Park- Space Station Theme

The evolution of the Space Station theme into a final concept design is the combined product of community input, recognition of Temple City’s past, creating a generational bridge to the future, Council and Ad Hoc guidance and the design creativity of SWA. The playground features six distinct play zones, three seating areas, seven independent shade structures and a relocated fitness zone next to the Live Oak Park walking path. 

The playground components all incorporate the space theme, and each play zone is tied together with a dynamically designed safety surfacing. The highlight of the playground features a four-level rocket with attached control tower and space station. Revolving around the rocket structure are the comet zone group spinner, blue giant zone 2-5 year old play structure, meteor shower zone mounds, climbing and rover, planet zone spinners and swing orbit zone swings. The design incorporates 7 independent shade structures, strategically placed to maximize effectiveness. The shade design takes on other worldly shapes that provides a canopy for play and seating areas. 

Temple City Park- Bamboo Forest Theme

The Bamboo Forest theme was selected as a complimentary design specifically for Temple City Park, to blend with the existing structures and evoke feelings of calm and nature. In addition to the playground area, a landscape buffer is included in the design to provide a visual and physical separation to the north parking lot. 

The main playground structure incorporates a net climber, slide, spinner and overhead climber. Swings and sensory panels are included in the project with a custom designed safety surfacing complementing the theme. Included in the renovation project for Temple City Park is a refresh of the playground adjacent picnic shelter. The picnic shelter refresh includes “Thunder Brown” support posts, “Mountain Forest” shade covering and updated LED lighting. The color selection for the picnic shelter is meant to compliment the nature inspired playground as well as the natural park environment. 

Temple City Park Timeline 

  • Estimated Construction Start Date- March 2024

Live Oak Park Timeline 

  • Estimated Construction Start Date- June 2024

Estimated Construction Budget (for both playgrounds)

The estimated construction budget is $3,900,000 for both Live Oak Park and Temple City Park. Funding for the renovation project is provided through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), which are a federal source. 

For more information about this project, contact Adam Matsumoto at amatsumoto@templecity.us.