Community Development

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The Community Development Department has released its monthly report for May 2023. Building permit valuation in May 2023 was 22% higher than May 2022. Fees collected in May 2023 were also significantly higher than May 2023 – a 40% increase. 222 permits were issued in May 2023, which was 21% higher than the 184 permits issued in May 2022. The significant permits issued in May included a new 3-unit condominium project and 7 accessory dwelling units (ADUs).

Planning received 14 new applications in May 2023. Seven of these applications were for accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and seven were for house additions. 

Two business licenses were issued in May. They included a permanent make up studio and a music school.

Community Preservation was active in May 2023. The number of cases opened were nearly the same as the previous year. 54% of the cases were initiated by the inspector, with 43% initiated by the public.