Community Development

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March Monthly Report 

The Community Development Department has released its monthly report for March 2022. As can be seen in the report, building permit valuation in March 2022 was down compared to March 2021. However, the total fees collected was up. The same trend could be seen when comparing the first 3 months of 2022 to that of 2021. Total valuation saw a 16% decrease, but fees collected saw a 5% increase. The number of permits issued and the number of permits finaled were nearly identical in each year. The significant permits issued were all on the smaller side (house additions, tenant improvements, and a new house). 

Planning received 14 new applications in March 2022. The applications were consistent with recent trends, in that the projects were of a smaller scale. There were 7 new ADU applications received, 2 new applications for commercial additions, and several house additions. The City issued 4 new business licenses in March- a new desert shop and a tea establishment in Camellia Square, a beauty salon on Rosemead Boulevard, and a property management company on Las Tunas Drive.

Community Preservation was the star of the show in March 2022. They continued to open and close a significant number of cases. The number of cases opened were 168% higher than March of last year and 144% higher than the same 3-month period last year (January-March)  .