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There are a number of ways to maintain trees during drought and limited watering conditions to minimize impacts and potential loss. Save Our Water provides helpful information and tips on how to care for young and mature trees during drought conditions including watering schedules, use of mulch, pruning and fertilizing. 

Temple City Urban Forestry By the Numbers

  • Temple City has approximately 6,000 city-owned trees
  • More than 150 different species of trees
  • Most common tree species is London Plane, with 562 trees city-wide
  • Tallest tree is over 100 ft. tall
  • Oldest tree is approximately 120 years old.
  • The estimated value of all city-owned trees is approximately $21 million
  • In 2019, 116 new trees were planted throughout Temple City
  • Recognized as a “Tree City USA” for 17 straight years
  • City is planting its first Aptos Blue Redwood to celebrate Arbor Day in 2020

 Tree Planting Resources

Recognizing that trees represent a vital public resource in beautifying neighborhoods and encouraging community pride, the City maintains a strong Urban Forestry Program that oversees the maintenance and care of over 6,000 City-owned street trees within the public right-of-way and on City property. In addition to tree planting, trimming and removal, the program also reinforces public education on the benefits and importance of sustaining a healthy urban forest. 
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Tree City USA


Over the past 17 years, the City has been recognized by the Arbor Day Foundation and USDA Forest Service as a “Tree City USA.” The recognition is bestowed on communities that have enacted a tree care ordinance and comprehensive urban forestry program. Each year, the City also holds an annual Arbor Day Celebration for youth to promote tree education through plantings and other interactive activities.

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