Transportation & Public Safety Commission

Agendas & Minutes

Commission Facts

Authority: The Transportation & Public Safety Commission is established by Title 2, Chapter 6, Article E of the Temple City Municipal Code pursuant to Article XI of the City Charter. 

Mission Statement/Purpose: The Transportation & Public Safety Commission hears appeals of parking citations.  The Commission also makes decisions and recommendations to the City Council regarding City codes, policies, services, and programs related to public safety, traffic and pedestrian safety, parking, transportation, and emergency services. 

Meetings: The Transportation & Public Safety Commission meets regularly on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. Special meetings may be scheduled at other times as required. Regular meetings are cancelled if there are no agenda items to be heard. 

Membership: The Transportation & Public Safety Commission consists of five members appointed by the City Council. All members must be residents and qualified electors of Temple City. The current members of the Transportation & Public Safety Commission are listed below.
Name Date Appointed Date Term Expires Compensation
Jeffrey Xu 
7/1/2021 6/30/2023 None
Sunny Lo
7/1/2022 6/30/2024 None
Joel Catalan  7/1/2021 6/30/2023 None
Ousama Nimri 7/1/2022 6/30/2024 None
Michael Stoll  7/1/2021 6/30/2023 None
Term: Transportation & Public Safety Commission members serve two-year terms and may be reappointed. There is no limit on the number of times a member may be reappointed. 

Can members serve on other commissions? No, Transportation & Public Safety Commission members cannot serve concurrently on another commission. However they may serve on a committee.

Can elected officials serve on the Transportation & Public Safety Commission? No, elected officials cannot serve on the Transportation & Public Safety Commission while they are in office. 

Compensation: None. Transportation & Public Safety Commission members are not compensated for their service.

Agendas & Minutes

Transportation & Public Safety Commission meeting agendas are posted online by the Friday prior to the meeting.  Agendas and staff reports are also available for viewing at City Hall.

Agendas, minutes, and audio recordings of Commission meetings from July 2019 to present are available below. Meeting agendas and minutes prior to July 2019 are available in the online digital archive.
Legend: S - Special Meeting, R - Regular Meeting, C - Cancelled Meeting
Type  Date Agenda Minutes Audio
C 11/22/2023 Agenda  Minutes  Audio 
C 11/08/2023 Agenda  N/A  N/A 
10/25/2023 Agenda  N/A  N/A
R 10/11/2023 Agenda  Minutes  Audio 
R 09/27/2023 Agenda  Minutes  Audio 
R 09/13/2023 Agenda  Minutes  Audio
C 08/23/2023 Agenda  N/A  N/A 
R 08/09/2023 Agenda  Minutes  Audio
C 07/26/2023 Agenda  N/A  N/A 
R 07/12/2023 Agenda  Minutes  Audio
C 06/28/2023 Agenda  N/A  N/A
C 06/14/2023 Agenda  N/A  N/A
C 05/24/2023 Agenda  N/A  N/A
R 05/10/2023 Agenda  Minutes  Audio
C 04/26/2023 Agenda  N/A N/A
04/12/2023 Agenda  Minutes  Audio
C 03/22/2023 Agenda  N/A  N/A
R 03/08/2023 Agenda  Minutes  Audio
C 02/22/2023 Agenda  N/A N/A
R 02/08/2023 Agenda  Minutes Audio
C 01/25/2023 Agenda N/A N/A
R 01/11/2023 Agenda  Minutes  Audio
C 12/28/2022 Agenda  N/A  N/A
R 12/14/2022  Agenda  Minutes  Audio
c 11/23/2022 Agenda  N/A  N/A
R 11/09/2022 Agenda  Minutes  Audio 
C 10/26/2022  Agenda  N/A  N/A 
10/12/2022 Agenda  Minutes  Audio
R 09/28/2022 Agenda  Minutes  Audio
R 09/14/2022 Agenda  Minutes  Audio 
C 08/24/2022 Agenda  N/A  N/A
C 08/10/2022 Agenda  N/A  N/A
C 07/27/2022 Agenda  N/A  N/A
C 07/13/2022 Agenda  N/A  N/A 
R 06/22/2022 Agenda  Minutes  Audio
R 06/08/2022 Agenda  Minutes  Audio
C 05/25/2022 Agenda N/A  N/A
C 05/11/2022 Agenda  N/A  N/A
C 04/27/2022 Agenda  N/A N/A
R 04/13/2022  Agenda  Minutes  Audio
C 03/23/2022  Agenda  N/A N/A
C 03/09/2022  Agenda  N/A  N/A
R 02/23/2022  Agenda  Minutes  Audio
C 02/09/2022  Agenda  N/A  N/A
C 01/26/2022  Agenda  N/A N/A
C 01/12/2022  Agenda  NA N/A
R 12/08/2021  Agenda  Minutes  Audio
C 11/24/2021  Agenda  N/A N/A
C 11/10/2021  Agenda  N/A  N/A
C 10/27/2021  Agenda  N/A  N/A
C 10/13/2021  Agenda  N/A  N/A
C 09/22/2021  Agenda  N/A  N/A 
C 09/08/2021 Agenda  N/A  N/A
R 08/25/2021  Agenda  Minutes  Audio
R 08/11/2021 Agenda  Minutes  Audio
R 07/28/2021 Agenda  Minutes  Audio
C 07/14/2021 Agenda  N/A  N/A
C 06/23/2021 Agenda  N/A  N/A
C 06/09/2021 Agenda  N/A N/A
C 05/26/2021 Agenda  N/A N/A
C 05/12/2021  Agenda  N/A  N/A
C 04/28/2021 Agenda  N/A  N/A
C 04/14/2021 Agenda  N/A  N/A
C 03/24/2021 Agenda  N/A  N/A
C 03/10/2021 Agenda  N/A N/A
C 02/24/2021  Agenda  N/A N/A
C 02/10/2021 Agenda  N/A  N/A
C 01/13/2021 Agenda  N/A  N/A
C 12/23/2020 Agenda  N/A N/A
C 12/09/2020  Agenda  N/A N/A
C 11/25/2020 Agenda  N/A  N/A
C 11/11/2020 Agenda  N/A  NA
C 10/28/2020 Agenda  N/A  N/A
R 10/14/2020 Agenda  Minutes  Audio
C 10/07/2020 Agenda  N/A N/A
C 09/23/2020 Agenda  N/A  N/A
C 09/09/2020 Agenda  N/A N/A
08/26/2020 Agenda  N/A N/A
C 08/12/2020 Agenda  N/A N/A
C 07/22/2020 Agenda  N/A N/A
C 07/08/2020 Agenda  N/A N/A
C 06/24/2020 Agenda  N/A  N/A
C 06/10/2020 Agenda  N/A N/A
C 05/27/2020  Agenda  N/A  N/A
C 05/13/2020 Agenda  N/A N/A
C 04/22/2020  Agenda  N/A  N/A
C 04/08/2020 Agenda N/A N/A
C 03/25/2020 Agenda N/A N/A
R 03/11/2020 Agenda Minutes Audio
02/26/2020 Agenda N/A N/A
R 02/12/2020 Agenda Minutes Audio
R 01/22/2020 Agenda Minutes Audio
R 01/08/2020 Agenda Minutes Audio
C 12/25/2019 Agenda N/A N/A
R 12/11/2019 Agenda Minutes Audio
C 11/27/2019 Agenda N/A N/A
R 11/13/2019 Agenda Minutes Audio
C 10/23/2019 Agenda N/A N/A
R 10/09/2019 Agenda  Minutes  Audio
C 09/25/2019 Agenda  N/A N/A
R 09/11/2019 Agenda  Minutes  Audio 
R 08/28/2019 Agenda  Minutes  Audio
R 08/14/2019 Agenda  Minutes  Audio 
C 07/24/2019 Agenda  N/A  N/A 
C 07/10/2019 Agenda  N/A N/A