Business Visitation

The key to local economic vitality lays in the health of Temple City's business community. The business visitation program helps businesses partner up with the City to build strategies and access resources toward resolving long-term barriers to profitability.

Here's how it works:

  1. Share your story. Schedule a visit from our team to have a comprehensive discussion about past, present and future plans for your business.
  2. Connect with resources. Based on the unique needs of your business, we will work quickly to connect you to the right resources and information. We can also help you develop professional relationships with business advocates for more personalized support. 
  3. Help build a better business community. Information from your visit and others will help the City and Temple City Chamber of Commerce create an annual economic development action plan to address the most pressing issues identified by the business community. It also helps policy leaders better understand the business environment in addressing barriers to business growth. 
For more information and to schedule a site visit, please email or contact the Temple City Chamber of Commerce at (626) 286-3101.